We need you

The project leader is Michael Doornbos (N4LNX) of Evadot.  Please contact Michael (mike at evadot dot com) for media inquires or any other questions or comments.

COMRAY is a project open to all sorts of people.  We currently need:

Artists and graphics designers:

We need diagrams, cartoons and pictures.  For realz. Send email to mike at evadot.com for more information.

Amateur Radio Operators:

The COMRAY project needs qualified Radio Experts.  In the world, there are no more qualified for DIY and radio experimentation than HAMs.  Not a HAM yet?  It’s pretty easy.  If you’re from the US,  grab Gordon West’s book and CD’s and then contact your local HAM club to find out how to take the 35 question multiple choice test.  If you’re not in the US, just search for Amateur Radio and your country name and you should find your countries requirements.  If you need help, drop Michael (N4LNX) a line at mike at evadot.com